Mike Walters


On a cold and gray Chicago morn another little baby child is born in the ghetto. In the ghettooooooooow.

Mike grew up in San Diego and was a founding member of the wildly popular, Justin Thyme Band. The band toured military bases throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona eventually doing overseas shows in Kyoto, Japan and

Nuremberg, Germany.

Mike plays guitar, keyboards, and violin. He owns a home studio and  has produced and played on more than a hundred recordings. He has produced bands like, The Vibro Champs, Lonesome Fugitive, Reverse Cowgirl, Hillbilly Mafia, and The Last Protocol.

Moving to Minnesota in 1989, Mike has played with Rave On, Bob and the

Beachcombers, White Sidewalls, Swing Crew, Sherwin Linton, Cocktail Stevie, The Shadowcasters, American Roadhouse, and Saintrio.

Evidence indicates he can’t hold a job.